Breathing, feet, eyes…

27-29 April 2018, Lublin

Breathing, feet, eyes…

Feldenkraisworkshop in Lublin, April 2018 with Göran Mörkeberg, Sweden


This workshop will focus on breathing, feet and eyes. (mostly on breathing and vison) During these days we will in a gentle and interesting way explore how our EYES and BREATHING influences the rest of ourselves.

Everyone knows that without breathing we can´t live, but what very few people aren’t aware of is that the way we breath influences our whole body and how we live our lives.

It can among many other things influence the way we stand and uses our feet. And there is also a connection between our feet and our eyes.

Eyes and feet have some things in common; we take them for granted and don´t take care of them. The feet we put into prisons (tight socks and shoes that aren’t made for feet’s but to look nice) Eyes are forced to stare at mobile phones, computer screens, TV. s all day long. And we give them support that they often don´t need.

When it comes to the eyes we don´t realize that we need to use them, there are 7 different muscles that moves each eye which needs to be used. When our eyesight gets worse we get glasses, but sometimes what our eyes need is movement. The same with feet, when we have pain in the feet we often get shoes with more support which weakens the feet instead of moving them to make them stronger.

We will use Feldenkrais exercises to highlight these connections and I am looking forward to introducing you to the exciting world of Feldenkrais and show you how we can learn to breath, stand and see better in a pleasant and nice way.

See you in Lublin and I will help you improve your vison, balance and breathing.


Göran Mörkeberg

[email protected]


opening hours
27/04 Friday 16:00 – 21:00
28/04 Saturday 10:00 – 17:00
29/04 Sunday 10: 00-17: 00

price PLN 650

individual lessons
26/04 afternoon and 27/04 afternoon hours – price for an individual lesson 200 PLN