Workshops of the Feldenkrais Method

23 - 25 February 2018, Lublin

Workshops of the Feldenkrais Method

How is it working ..? How does conscious movement change the whole system?

This time we will look at emotions that give us strength to act, or vice versa – that prevent us from acting.
Can movement affect emotions and is it possible to generate a sense of strength and confidence in yourself by increasing self-awareness?
Can the depression states be eliminated by better contact with the body, and therefore with ourselves?
These and other questions we will try to answer … in our own bodies.
We will take a look at the relationship between the loss of communication with the body and the lack of trust in ourselves, in a sense of dependence and helplessness …
We will look for a return path to purselves.

The workshop will take place this weekend February 23-25

Friday 16-21
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 9-14
price 650 PLN