Writing this text, I am smiling. It’s a good kind of smile – from the inside of me. I had been with Arsen for over a year, even without knowing it. His mother seeking help for her son whatever would have allowed Arsen to function without psychotropic drugs (because medicine only had that to offer) came from the border with Moldavia to Kiev to my workshop. And all that she experienced on her own, helped her both in her self-learning as well as in learning how to be a better teacher for Arsen, because being better mother is impossible. The lessons she had learned on the mat (because that’s how the the method is learned) helped her to recognize Arsen’s needs. She was looking for a kind of touch that would relieve him. To create the necessary space for him to learn to be Arsen. Arsen, whom I met – a cheerful, trustful boy. Thank you ……..

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