Zhora spontaneously became a teacher. The Method’s uniqueness has given him a way to abandoning a pattern of suffering as a value and allowed to appreciate the intelligence boiling under the cover of its neurological limitations. This intelligence spontaneously broke through the rocks of tension and revealed the ability to revive the hearts of other children closed in the muscles blocks and spasticity. Thanks to the heard and noted intelligence of Zhora, we have found another language to speak to other children in need.

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Zhora’s mother’s need is to see how her son is sitting, playing … maybe standing or walking….

cause mom loves her son very much …
When Zhora has a worse day, it means spasticity and hyperkinesia intensify, she intuitively finds the places to touch and touches them as best even the method teacher or the rehabilitator would not be able to touch them ….
Instinctive wisdom of love … it can not be overestimated …

Needs of Zhora –

To lie quietly on the floor, lay his legs and hands on the floor and calmly breathe deeply …. enjoying being himself …. listening to himself … enjoying the ability to move his hand or foot … or whatever he wants … .
But the biggest need is that the body does not hurt ….. To enjoy every day and not to fear the night …..

I have had over a dozen lessons over the years with Zhora ….
The communication was made between us ….. from my side it is admiration, recognition and simply liking him ….
It is private and this website is not a place for such statements.
I know. But I do it with full awareness of my lack of professionalism. I will try to explain why …..
When I saw him for the first time I really did not see him.
I was looking for a way to touch, a micro movement, which, by resonating with the body, would reduce the spasticity.
I searched for space in the body with potentially the largest space for movement.
Hands and ribs.
Breath. I concentrated on making it easier for him to breathe. I followed his breath, behind the movement that caused him. Minimal rib sliding, micro-space relaxation between ribs …. so that he could breathe more freely …
And when the breath is the pelvis … the slow slow motion of the pelvis ….
And every time I put my hands on Zhora, I watch his reactions … whether the breath calms down and quiet, or vice versa – it is getting stronger and the body is stiff …. spasticity increases …
I move the ribs so that he can recognize the way of breathing, which relaxes the belly … the diaphragm …
Hands …. their internal part …. there is also a space for movement. I gently pushed his fingers while waiting for response .. It was worth.
On our last lesson Zhora moved his finger. I do not know if it’s visible in the movie, but I felt it. He gave me a lessons, he touched me.

As Zhora is a willful litle sprat.
And from that I should start our lessons. From trying to see who Zhora really is. Not to waste time and use his potential. Give him a chance to show what he really needs.
Now we do it better.
I tell him what I do and why. For him to know and not be afraid. Sometimes the answer is more peace on his face, less spasticity .. sometimes a smile.
Zhora himself communicates what he wants. Sometimes he shows me what I have to touch and how to move it.
On the separate tab is a film on which Zhora writes a lesson for other children. Lesson on breathing. That the diaphragm movement moves the whole body.