Ewa Sobczyńska

When we talk to someone about the Feldenkrais method, one of the first questions we hear is ‘what’s in it for me?’ I feel benefited by the method a lot. First, there is a better feeling of one’s own body, more efficiency and quality of work- the moves. Over time, I learned to use my skeleton effectively – to stand, walk, run, work physically with as little effort as possible without damaging myself. I learned to breathe so that breath assisted the movement.

I learned to help myself with Feldenkrais lessons. With the increase in consciousness of the body, my way of perceiving myself changed, and then also perception of others became open and accepting differences. There was a desire to take on new challenges, to make life changes that I havent previously had the courage to do. I am not a therapist nor parent of a disabled child, but I use the Feldenkrais method to help people in my environment.

This is a specific kind of help. I’m just a tool to help one get to the person’s nervous system, with gentle movement sequences. Using the elements of the lesson I put short workouts. Another time I use a careful, non-invasive touch. Injury, limitation due to illness, stress of everyday life, causing tension – this is what people often bring with them. In each of these situations, one can improve the comfort of one’s life using the method. And about the question from the beginning – I do not know what will you get from the method, but it will certainly bring change, positive change in your life. Touching skills are very useful in my volunteer work in a nursing house