I am the grandmother of three-year- old Olus (Al). My grandson was born with the splitting of the soft palate. This problem was operated at the age of 9 months. But, unfortunately, a genetic disease of spinal muscular atrophy was diagnosed for Olus at the age of 6 months and we did not have medication for it. With this disease, through rehabilitation, we could only try to keep the motor functions active as long as possible, without any hope for progress.

The child simply laid down and could not roll over on his side. He could only move his right forearm and keep the light toys in his weak hand. His brain knew that it was necessary to move, but weak muscles prevented that. My skills that I acquired during my adventure with Feldenkrais method (several years of participation in dozens of seminars conducted by Jacek Paszkowski two years of training from Ewa Paszkowska) made it possible that bravely and with great sensitivity I went back to sessions with my grandson. I use my daily care and rehabilitation skills. Immobilized legs and shoulders come to life when I unload them, when they lack gravity, then they can move. Now we are looking at the future with greater hope, Olus is getting his medicine. The second forearm was activated. He has more strength in his hands and legs. In the position on the back with the right foot on the ground, he himself is able to roll over his right shoulder to the position on his side.

Oluś – that’s my comment on a movie that is not there. Ela will tell you, why we do not you have a movie here. Why we don’t have it in this place – because the story of Oluś partially intertwines with the history of Tamerlan, maybe Sofia. How to write lessons when a medical diagnosis appears to show one direction, and what lessons to look for? Without Oluś there would be nothing like this site. Without Oluś there would be non of my courses on how to practically use the method. It’s a little Oluś’s story, and a little story about the power of love. Ela – Grandma of this boy with spinal muscular atrophy, after Alan’s workshop, she asked me to organize a course of Feldenkrais method. I asked Alan about the possibility of organizing such a course in Poland, and I asked Ela for patience. I do not have time, Oluś will not wait – this is the answer I got from Ela. Ela’s determination was so strong that I had no other way … together we learn how to teach …”

Ewa Paszkowska-Demidowska