We met twice – within a month. Each time there was another meeting. Sofia initially distrusted me, then she easily began to enter the lessons. By entering the lessons I understand the ability to listen to myself, inside. The first lessons were difficult – because Sofia had several or more dozen epilepsy attacks a day, she was taught to experience her own body in a different way. First of all resistance and anxiety, then curiosity. Curiosity about what happened next. Our lessons were about breathing. How to make your breath grow longer and calmly effortlessly act alone. As the muscles relaxed, Sofia relaxed. First, she began to open herself to experiencing herself and then to the world around her. These were my first meetings with Sofia. Maybe they will help other children. It is to regain calm breathing and increase inner well-being so that you have the desire and strength to continue to grow. And to explore the surrounding world.

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This is Sofia, she is 7 years old, our diagnosis is Tuberous Sclerosis. Unfortunately, Sonya has almost all the negative symptoms that are possible with this diagnosis: we were born with rhabdomyomas in the heart, in the brain – multiple foci, in the kidneys – angiomyolipomas, etc, but the greatest problem is uncontrollable epilepsy. Having tried almost all existing anticonvulsants and other alternative methods of treatment, we try to learn how to live with daily seizures. Realizing that it is impossible to overcome them, we are looking for methods of rehabilitation that would help and not aggravate the condition. The Feldenkrais method suited us perfectly. After the first year of training, I saw an improvement in motor skills. Sonya became more active around the house, interested in toys, making more sounds