We only had three lessons. I asked Mikolaj’s mom permission to share with you these lessons. Maybe someone will need it, maybe they will help another mom to help her baby.

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Mikolaj’s breath is the first thing I’ve heard and seen, so the lessons are about this – to make it easier and easier to breathe. Touch, move, or rather follow the movement, guessing the tendency and desire of Mikolaj – because it is supposed to be him, not my ideas imposed from the outside – and not waiting for any reaction. Mikolaj first responded with a change in body tension, as if with every breath and exhalation the heaviness decreased from the center, and then he gave up the movement. He voluntarily participated in the rollover movement – he surrendered and followed it. He responded with his feet and his hands. He breathed more. At that moment it was easier for him. Life is a collection of moments. That’s the method. To help in the living this particular moment of life. Simple, nice lesson written by Mikolaj. Method is a tool to help. But the lessons are written by the children themselves.