My name is Natalia Kravets. I’m a sociologist . My profession was always fascinating to me, and I planned to become an outstanding specialist in this field. But fate decided otherwise. 7,5 years ago in my life DANIEL THE SPECIAL CHILD APPEARED. AND ALL THINGS I DID BEFORE LOST THEIR MEANING. All those knowledge and skills that I had were not needed anymore.

I had to learn a new profession – mother of a special child. And this means a doctor, rehabilitologist, psychologist, speech therapist, LFK specialist, and a personal chef. Although the ability to communicate with people and finding useful information, knowledge – a skill from my past life, have helped me a lot. In 7,5 years we passed a huge, in many ways a winding path. We tried many methods of rehabilitation on our child.

In Ukraine, official methods of rehabilitation are violent. They torment both the body of the child and its personality. Our rehabilitation centers are permeated with bureaucracy and in many ways also incompetence of personnel. In addition, a huge problem is the well- established opinion that in the first year parents should try all the techniques that are there. And no one will ever say what negative consequences it can have. Therefore, all parents are in terrible rush, terrified to lose a second of their life, they run wherever possible. We dealt with Daniel, using massage, voyta-therapy, exercise therapy, kinesis therapy, Doman’s method. But the last 3 years we are engaged in rehabilitation by the method of M. Feldenkrais. During these three years, not only my child, but all our family has changed considerably. The first vital discovery – my child is not an object. He can not be grabbed, stuffed with food, twisted, etc. He is alive!!! He feels everything, realizes, worries! He wants love and at least a little parents understanding. Feldenkrais method is love. Love to the body, love to the soul, love ti oneself.

I began to invite specialists on the M. Feldenkrais method to Ukraine almost three years ago. It was a shock for our parents. In Ukraine no one knew this technique. Parents were skeptical. A technique where no one cries, there is no effort, but there is a wonderful playfulness that gives development !!! This simply can not be! For three years, a large number of children have visited the intensive care groups according to the Feldenkorase method. Now the courses take place in several large cities of Ukraine !!! This method is discussed in radio and television.

I wish to thank Ewa Paszkowska-Demidowska for coming to us not only as a feldenkrais- practitioner for our children, but also as a teacher for us, parents. Thanks to her, it’s going to be a year soon for me as a volunteer engaged with other special children by the Feldnkrais method. My goal is to create and popularize body awarness oriented rehablitation in Ukrainian centers. In such centers, where the main method of work will be the Feldenkrais method, as well as additional body awarness oriented practices: osteopathy, Bobat therapy, ergotherapy, even the usual exercise therapy but built on love to the child.